Hey there cool cats and awesome customers! We hit this busy season at a deficit. Supply chain issues, and a production crew member moved on to greener pastures (congrats!!!). With good ‘ol covid season still baring down on us, we caught the cooties and had to shut down, our makeup conventions from shut down times […]


Hello! We’re rolling right along in the shop, we’ve got some summer help in the full contact department now. Hopefully that will keep wait times at a more reasonable number. I was out sick last week and therefore have fallen behind on emails. Please know that I am slowly chipping away at them and will […]

Revenge of the 5th

Hello All! New month, new chance to succeed. It seems like we’re finally back on track with everyone’s health issues and drama. That means we’re digging in here at the shop and are slowly making headway. THANK YOU for your continued patience as we start to catch up. Please expect orders to take 4-8 weeks […]