Forged Foam is a partnership between Piper (John Diley), Galin (Mike Williams) and Kegg (Gregg Larson).   Between us we have over 60 years of medieval combat and weapon construction experience.   We have participated in all manner of medievalism and LARPs including the SCA, Amtgard, NERO.  Our personal favorite combat sport is Belegarth/Dagorhir style of fighting.  Many other people help to make Forged Foam possible including our newest full time artist Michelle Mundo whose work has been displayed in several major museums; Chris Larson, Gregg’s wife;  Cathy Gibson, who does most of our sewing; and our wonderful event crew (Matt O’Brien, Sean McDonough, Eric Dolly, Joe Seabright , Mike Hockaday, Jim Arechederra, Brent Walker, Liz Walker, Ryan Apland, Beth Larson,Zuloo (Jamison Woods), Desi S. Thompson (Iulia Ionescu) and many others who have helped us over the years).  If you see us at an event or convention, please stop by and say hello.

Most of all, thank you for the many years that you our customers have allowed us to be in business we love so much.


John Diley


Mike Williams


Gregg Larson