Custom LARP/Cosplay

Forged Foam is willing to build pretty much any special weapon, shield or equipment that you can describe with our synthetic rubber coating.  Medieval, anime, steam punk, modern, fantasy gear or your own creation, it doesn’t matter we are happy to make what you need.  Send us a detailed description (or better yet a picture or art) and we will shoot you a quote on a price and delivery date, Custom Emails  With price and expected delivery date in hand, head over to our Special Payment page.  Once your custom piece is paid for we will begin construction on your order.

Custom Full Contact

What does custom full contact weapons mean? It means our standard full contact gear quality with your specific modifications. Non-standard cover colors, odd blade or handle lengths, custom cores or just something completely unique. To order a custom full contact piece, write us a detailed email describing what you want made Custom Emails. We will figure out a price and an expected delivery date and send you a quote and a link to our Special Payment page. Once the custom piece is paid for we will begin construction on your order.  Remember we can do Rubber coated shields and Hybrid weapons for most games!