Spring has Sprung!

Hello All,

With the weather finally letting up and the spring plants coming in, our sales are quickly picking up. It’s seems like a lot of events are going to (finally) happen this year.

That being said, so many people are ordering already. This is great, we’re so happy to have your business! It also means that delays are already starting to happen. We’re doing everything we can to get orders out in a timely manner. Many of our wholesalers put in large orders at the end of last month, this is also causing some back log.

Generally speaking, 4 weeks is our lead time. You’re always welcome to email me and ask for expected timelines. Please include what you’re hoping to get, even if its “3 one handed swords” vs exact details. Also let me know if you have an event coming up! We’ll do our best to make your deadline but remember that others need their stuff too, I won’t bump orders ahead just because you waited too long to order.

And, the pandemic still isn’t over. Supply lines are still backed up and we don’t expect that to change for some time. Please be patient with us while we do the same for our suppliers.

Thanks all! We’re so happy you choose us time and time again.