End of Month Wrap Up

Hello All!

Your favorite friend, fabricator, and organizer here.

First and foremost on our minds here at Forged Foam is the supply delays. Our suppliers are not getting their supplies and therefore there is quite a chain of frustrated customers, including a lot of you. We are doing what we can to negate these delays for you (our beloved customer) but we are limited in what we can do. Most everyone is being very understanding and we appreciate ya’ll hanging in there with us!

Next up is shipping time. We’re floating right around 3-4 weeks for full contact orders and most custom LARP orders. Larger orders, custom adjustments, and detailed custom pieces are sitting closer to 6 weeks. As always, email us to find out what turn around time is, and if you’re trying to meet a dead line (event, birthday, etc), tell us! We do what we can for our customers.

Mike has been at Level Up Expo in Las Vegas this past weekend. If you’ve found your way to us from there, welcome!

Thanks so much and stay warm! Spring will spring soon. ~Michelle