They See Me Rolling

Ya’ll its been a month! Sickness has got us down, if its not one of us; its one of our kiddos or S/Os. Remember I was all jazzed about flowers!? Well, that also comes with pollen, ugh.

But! We are moving forward (see above: rolling). I got a fair amount of in stock LARP ready to ship today. Yesterday I caught up on email (except status updates, those are going out today). I’ve got a beautiful but large pile of custom work that I promise to adhere my attention to for the next two weeks. Its basically all the LARP dept is going to do these next couple of weeks.

Full contact has an event this coming weekend then will get a breather. I am confident that next week I’ll be shipping out piles of full contact gear to all you fighters ready to head to the field.

I also want to say thank you; your emails have been super kind, understanding, and helpful (order numbers included woot woot!) It seriously makes my day to get positive emails. So thank you.


PS- We’re working at about 6 week lead time right now. So many orders and too many people not working.