The New Site and 15% off!

Welcome to our new site!  It is long over due and I hope you like it.

You may notice some of our prices have gone up.  We regret having to do this, but we have not had an across the board price hike since 2006.  Since then the price of our foam (a petroleum product) has gone up at least five times.  In most cases, it means a $30 sword is now a $32 sword.  We have, however, revisited some of our custom options and lowered the price on them.  So get a custom sword, they rock anyway!

We have tested the new site as best we can but I’m sure we did not catch every bug out there.  Until November 18th, we are offering a discount for trying the new website out.  Enter coupon code 15%offnewsite in your cart and save money!  I know with the price increase this is only 10% but hey, it is still 10%.

If you are having problems with the new site, please call or email us.  You can also go to www.edhellen.com and use the old site.  It will be up as a back up for the next few weeks.

Thank you!

Mike aka Sir Galin


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