Long Sword with a Long Handle

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Cover color

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Grip type

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Handle type

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Type of hilt present on sword


Softer thrusting tip for games with stricter stabbing requirements.

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Product Description

The long sword is a made to reach out and touch someone.  The long sword is great for line fighting and is best paired with a shield.  The long sword is an ideal hand and a half sword.

Blade Length: 32″

Overall Length: 42″

Weight: 17 ounces

Core: .5″ solid fiberglass

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 42 x 3 x 1.5 in

1 review for Long Sword with a Long Handle

  1. 5 out of 5

    This review will be pretty much similar to my review of the Long Sword, with a few tweaks.

    The Long Sword is one of the most versatile option for those seeking an all-comer blade. This version adds onto the regular long sword’s versatility by giving you a long handled so it can easily be wielded one-handed, two-handed or any other way you’d like. It can comfortably out range lesser sword options whilst retaining the ability to use shields effectively. It trades the ability to wield two weapons comfortably at once for more leverage for faster and harder strikes.

    For those who are of the smaller stature, this definitely can be a two-handed weapon!

    Keep in mind that you probably want to take some of the options available to offset some of the downsides to such a versatile sword: a weighted hilt WILL help keep this thing from being top-heavy. I use this variant with a crossguard and it helps with the awkwardness in weight. I did not pick up a weighted handle and that was my biggest mistake! Make sure you pick up the weighted handle! It is a must for such a big weapon.

    Long handle for even more versatility
    Allows for very comfortable two-handing for those with bigger hands
    Good Leverage
    Great for new players
    Comfortable for most players
    ForgedFoam quality build (as always!)

    The long handle can make it a little harder to dual-wield but still possible
    Can be hefty and top heavy (rectified with weighted option)
    Grip can be rough without gloves unless you get the other non-rope options

    Potentially too big for those under a 5’6″ height (long broadsword would be a good alternative)
    Not really much else so far!

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